Pure South Multipurpose Fogger Surface Sanitiser Disinfectant


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Description:  Pure South™ Antibacterial Surface Sanitiser and Disinfectant Fogger effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria. Eliminates odours and odour-causing bacteria, inhibits mould and mildew. Allow surfaces to dry for microscopic protective layer to form providing up to 30 days continuous protection. Suitable for use in vehicles, caravans, boats, homes and offices.

Non corrosive  / non staining – suitable for use on all surfaces: metal, stainless steel, wood, textiles, leather, plastics, glass. Coverage up to 35m3. Use additional foggers for larger spaces.

HOW TO USE IN SPACES: Ensure surfaces are clean and dry, shake can well for 30 seconds. Place fogger upright in the centre of the room on a stable surface and activate. Close doors, windows and vents, ensure people and pets are excluded during fogging and for a minimum of 1 hour after use.  After 1 hour surfaces should be dry and ready to use immediately.

USE IN VEHICLES & AIR CONDITIONERS: Turn air conditioner to full fan cool, recirculate, open all vents, activate fogger upright in a stable central position.  Exit the vehicle, close the doors.  Wait 15 minutes before turning the air conditioner off.  Allow surfaces to dry.