Pure South antimicrobial quaternary technology works to kill bacteria and protect hands for up to 24 hours and surfaces for up to 30 days by creating a durable long-lasting coating. Commonly used over the last 60 years these biocides, when combined, uniquely form a organofunctional silane oligiomer coating which is non toxic, non flammable, non leaching, non corrosive and durable on most surfaces. 

Pure South antimicrobial quaternary agents (derived from coconut oil) are bacteriostatic, fungistatic, algaestatic and sporostatic. Working at a cellular level the combined quaternary compounds act by disrupting growth and reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria, inhibiting odours, mould and mildew growth. 

By forming a durable micro or nanofilm layer of biocide on hands or surfaces, on contact, the combined quaternary compounds effectively instantly damage the bacteria cell membrane with a positive electrical charge, causing it to loose critical and essential nutrients and proteins leading to functional failure at a cellular level. The internal DNA is damaged on contact preventing growth and reproduction of microbes. 

The microscopic silane quaternary biofilm effectively protects surfaces longer than short term evaporative santisers such as ethanol or alcohol based products and do not damage surfaces such as chlorine or hydroxide sanitisers. 

Pure South™ hand sanitisers are moisturising, safe and gentle on skin.

Australian Made


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